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Our Trainers

Georgann Powers

Georgann (or as we fondly call her, “George”) has been training horses and students for over 50 years in the Pinellas area. Chances are if you have an equestrian in your family and they grew up in the area, they were taught by Georgann including some of today’s best trainers and judges. Our very own Kallie Schafers’ father was trained by Georgann when he was a kid!

Show, Circuit and Year-end champions have all been trained by George. From local schooling to A-rated shows at Devon, Tryon, HITS, Central Florida and Venice, there aren’t too many major showgrounds in the US where George and Foxwood Farms haven’t competed.

Kallie Schafers

Kallie was born with horses in her blood. With her father owning a thoroughbred training business, she literally grew up on the back of horses riding and learning the ins and outs of the horse business.

As a kid, Kallie trained under some of the best coaches in the industry. She has also competed and won at many of the major A-rated shows in the county.

Kallie’s childhood dream of becoming a jockey did come true. Today she rides some of the finest hunters and jumpers while training and leading the current Foxwood riders to overwhelming success in the show ring.


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